Tehran is the capital of Iran and a popular tourist destination. It is located on the southern slopes of the Alborz Mountains, at an altitude of 900-1800 meters.

Tehran is a cosmopolitan city with great museums, parks, restaurants and warm, friendly people. It will take at least a few days of your trip to Iran.

Tehran is one of the leading tourist destinations in Iran and there are many famous tourist attractions in the city. In 2016, Tehran received 1.64 million foreign tourists. Tehran has several museums of art, history and science, including the National Museum of Iran, the Carpet Museum, and the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Tehran offers a wide range of public transport, including the Tehran Metro, bus rapid transit system, trolleybuses and an extensive motorway network with taxis.

Some of the most popular tourist attractions in Tehran include Golestan Palace, National Museum of Iran, Niavaran Palace Complex, Sadabad Palace Complex and Vali Asr Street. Other tourist attractions in Tehran include Kuhsar Park, Pardisan Park, Mirad Tower, Tochar Complex, Azadi Tower, Abu Oatash Park, Tabiat Bridge, Lale Park, Holy Defense Museum, Iran Cinema Museum, Mahmoud Hesabi Museum, Chitgar Lake, etc. With 14 million inhabitants, Tehran also has a reputation for being smog-filled and crowded with chunks of concrete bursting at the seams. But there are endless beautiful and cozy places in and around the city if you know where to go.

Traditional Foods, Desserts and Snacks

Tehran is a city with a rich food culture and there are many traditional dishes to try. Here are some traditional dishes you should try in Tehran.

Kebab: A popular dish, usually grilled lamb or beef, served with rice, bread and grilled tomatoes.

Gorme Sabzi: Herbs, kidney beans, lamb or beef stew.

Dizi: A stew of lamb, chickpeas, potatoes and tomatoes. It is served with a special tool for beating the bread and ingredients.

Koreshte Fesenjan: Pomegranate and walnut stew.

Baghali Pokte: Boiled broad beans are served with vinegar and heraklion.

Eshkene Spinach: A combination of onions, eggs, mashed potatoes, spinach and spices.

Jiggar: Liver skewers are a popular cut of meat called jigaraki served at local eateries.

Falafel: Fried balls of ground chickpeas, broad beans, or both, usually served on a flatbread with vegetables and tahini sauce.

These traditional foods can be purchased at local restaurants and street vendors in Tehran. Don't forget to try it when you visit Tehran.

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