Female dress code in Iran
One of the most important topics when traveling to Iran is what to wear in the Islamic Republic, as foreign female visitors are subject to the dress code in Iran. And there are a lot of misconceptions about it. Most people think that Iranians wear black robes, but that is not true. Iran is really the only country where foreign visitors are subject to the same dress code as local Iranian women. In fact, there is not much to worry about and if you read this guide on how to dress in Iran you will see how easy it is to follow the rules.  

When you come to this country, you will find that most women and girls do not dress according to Islamic law. This means that women are not required to wear chadors, although you will see a small number of them doing so. They are mainly women from religious families in the countryside. But it was their choice, and this chador still showed up. Under no circumstances should you wear black, gray and dark brown clothes and meticulously cover every strand of hair, as this will make you stand out more.

Ordinary Iranian women wear stylish colorful dresses, often dyeing their hair blonde, or young girls even other colors, with nail polish, heavy makeup, and lipstick. They wear leggings with long sweaters or jeans with thin coats and often wear tight, cropped pants that reveal their ankles with tunics reaching mid-thigh. Foreign visitors may feel a lack of clothing besides the fashionable clothes of Iranian women. Persian women prefer to pay attention to their appearance, especially on special occasions, than most Western women.  

As a female tourist in Iran, you can wear a mid-thigh shirt with long pants (jeans, even tight jeans, leggings or other pants) and a scarf of any color. Shirts must have at least ¾ sleeves. Even white pants are acceptable if they are not transparent. You can also wear jeans with a t-shirt if you have a light ¾-sleeve cardigan that covers your bottom.
As for shoes, you can wear sandals without socks, However, if you are on the go, it may not be the most convenient. Nail polish and makeup are perfectly acceptable and do not violate the dress code in Iran. 
you should wear headscarves in public places during your stay in Iran. Foreign tourists often find it difficult to modify their headscarves. Since it is not attached to the hair; so it can easily slide. And you always have to adjust it. At the same time, one wonders how Iranian women can wear it without having to touch it. Over time, you become more experienced with this. Don’t worry too much about the towel slipping off without you even knowing it. The same goes for local Iranian women. Or when you take your backpack for a walk, the “jacket” can easily slip off without you even knowing it. In addition, it is almost impossible not to lose the scarf for a short time when the wind is stronger because it is not attached or fixed to the hair. 

Male dress code in Iran
It is much easier for male travelers to adapt to the dress code in Iran as it only takes a few basic rules in mind. Men must wear long pants and a T-shirt or long-sleeved shirt. That’s it! Don’t wear blazers and shorts as a male tourist in Iran.