Iran Visa

Before applying for an Iran tourist visa, you must contact a travel agent in Iran to issue a Visa Reference Code (Iran visa code) for you. The tourism agency in Iran will apply for it to the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). If the application is successful, they will send you an Iran visa reference code, and then you should take this visa code to the Iranian Embassy/Consulate along with other required documents or bring it with you to one of the international airports in Iran to get your Iran visa on arrival. 
Although most tourists think that applying for an Iran tourist visa is a bit complicated, the Iranian government is working hard to make it simple for tourists from most of the countries who want to visit this magnificent country. You will get your Iran visa approval with the help of our expert colleagues in NiluTours within five business days. From the beginning to the end of your Iran visa application process, we will support you with fulltime service. Plan your vacation with confidence and enter the country with ease of mind with a pre-approved visa. Here is what you should do to get an Iran visa in just one week:  

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Iran Visa

Please note that even if your visa request has been accepted and the visa code is issued, this authorization number does not constitute an actual visa. You must get your visa at the Iranian embassy or consulate of your choice in your place of residence or at any international airport in Iran. Please note that the Department of State has the authority to decide whether to issue your visa and when. Considering the national and religious holidays, weekends and other probable issues, we recommend that you apply for a visa at least four weeks before your intended departure. 

We will send the application form to you as soon as you ask us to arrange an Iran visa for you. Please email us at to apply for an Iran tourist visa.

You will complete the form and return it to us along with a digital copy of your passport and a digital portrait picture. You should specify where you want to get your Iran visa in the form.

After our request for your Iran visa reference code, the Department of State usually issues an authorization code for your visa within ten days. 

Get your Iran visa in 3 steps

Getting your Iran Visa on Arrival is possible in the following airports:

Citizens of the following countries can enter Iran without getting an Iran visa:

Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Armenian, Egypt, Venezuela, Malaysia and China

Citizens of the mentioned countries are welcome to stay in Iran for these specific periods of time:

Citizens of Syria, Türkiye, and Armenia for 90 days
Georgia for 45 days
Egyptian citizens for 20 days
Republic of Azerbaijan, Oman, Malaysia and Venezuela for 15 days
Lebanon and Bolivia for 30 days
Chinese citizens for 21 days

Important note:

This policy only applies if the applicants on the above list are entering Iran from their home country. Otherwise, they must apply for a tourist visa to enter Iran.
The citizens mentioned above can also apply for an Iran visa at any Iranian embassy or consulate to extend their visa and in case they are in Iran, they can apply for a visa extension by contacting the Iranian Migration Police

Iran visa extention

If you have received your Iran visa before or on arrival, you can extend it at the Police Immigration Department in a major Iranian city. This process usually only takes about one day.
Your visa extension is based on the original visa staying period. if you have a 30-day visa you can extend it for another 30 days. If you have a 15-day visa, you can only extend it for another 15 days and so on. 

The following nationals are not eligible for the Iran VOA:
Sri Lanka
The citizens of the mentioned countries can request for a visa reference code like other tourists, but the difference is that they must get their visa from an Iranian Embassy/Consulate before entering Iran.

IRAN visa for the citizens of the US, UK and CANADA

Citizens of the United States, United Kingdom or Canada should consider some important tips for obtaining an Iran visa.
Citizens of the United States, United Kingdom or Canada will need to have a pre-approved itinerary and tour guide. Sticking to the itinerary is part of the visa approval requirements, so sticking to your tour guide’s itinerary and instructions will ensure no problems.
These Citizens can only enter and exit Iran via the air border.
US, UK or Canadian citizens must be accompanied by a guide at all times while in Iran. All applications from US, UK or Canadian citizens must be accompanied by a detailed curriculum vitae.

How long does it take for US, UK or Canadian citizens to get an Iran Visa?

It takes for the citizens of the United States, United Kingdom and Canada 1 to 3 months to receive a visa code.
Once you have received your visa authorization code, you are officially authorized to obtain your visa.
Now all you should do is to get your visa in person (for US, UK or Canadian citizens) or by post (US and Canadian citizens only). 

Iran Visa requirements for US, UK and Canadian citizens

Holders of US and Canadian passports will need to obtain a travel authorization number from an approved tour operator like NiluTours. This will require submitting the following information :
Colorful scan of the first page of your passport (must be in color).
Colorful portrait image.
A complete travel itinerary
A personal information form
A professional CV
Resume: This should be a document that lists the candidate’s academic and work history – similar to what you would prepare for a job application. This should include short paragraphs explaining your previous job responsibilities but may also include hobbies/interests and education. If you are or have been unemployed, please just briefly explain when this applies and why. Please note that this document may be rejected and cause delays in your application if it is less than 2-3 pages. 

Can USA/Canada citizens receive their visa by post?

Most Canadians and Americans will need to send their visa application and passport to the Iranian Interests Section of the Pakistani Embassy. The Pakistani Embassy functions as the representative of Iran, as there is no Iranian Embassy in the United States. To get a visa you need to provide the following in your parcel and send it to 1250 23rd St. N.W. Suite # 200 Washington, DC 20037:

Visa application form.
Iran visa reference code (provided by NiluTours)
Colorful passport copy
Valid passport with at least 6 months validity before arrival in Iran
Travel insurance that covers you during your stay in Iran
120 USD for visa processing fee and return postage
Return envelope
Once you’ve mailed your documents, it usually takes 2 to 3 weeks to process them and return to your mailbox. You can also pay an extra fee to speed up the process, if needed.
If you are lucky enough to live in or near Washington DC, just bring your authorization code, visa application form, passport copy, passport and $90 money at the Pakistan Embassy, located at 1250 23rd St NW #200, every day of the week from 8am to 11am or 2pm to 4pm.
After bringing your passport and the other documents, it takes about 4 days to process your visa and return it to you. You can pick up your Iran visa at the same office where you sent it. 

Can citizens of the UK receive their visa by post?

Currently, Iran visas for UK citizens are only issued in person. After receiving the visa Reference code, UK citizens must submit their application in person at the Iranian Embassy in London at 150 Kensington Court London W8 5DD, every day of the week from 9am to 12pm. Don’t forget to bring the visa fee (£165) with you.
Phone: +44 (20) 722-53000