Taq-e Bostan

Taq-e Bostan is a historical site located in Kermanshah, Iran. It is a part of Biston mountain in the middle of Zagros mountains and was built around the 4th century CE during the Sassanid Empire of Persia.  Once you reach Kermanshah city, you can head northwest towards Taq-e Bostan. There is a boulevard called “Taq […]

Takht-e Suleiman

The archaeological site of Takht-e Suleiman, northwest Iran, is located in a valley, in the middle of a volcanic region. The site includes the main Zoroastrian sanctuary, partially rebuilt during the Ilkhan (Mongolian) period in the 13th century, as well as a temple dedicated to Anahita dating from the Sassanid, century 6th and 7th. The […]

Mausoleum of Avicenna

Avicenna (also Abu Ali Sina or Ebne Sina) was a great Iranian philosopher, scholar, physician (370-428 AH). His grave is located at Bu Ali Square in Hamadan. The current structure was built between 1946-1951 and since then it has been repaired and renovated three times.Located in a land area of ​​3,090 m². the bottom surface […]

What to Wear in Iran

Female dress code in IranOne of the most important topics when traveling to Iran is what to wear in the Islamic Republic, as foreign female visitors are subject to the dress code in Iran. And there are a lot of misconceptions about it. Most people think that Iranians wear black robes, but that is not […]