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10 Days

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Shiraz, Yazd, Isfahan, and Tehran are the most popular tourist destinations in Iran and offer a unique blend of history and culture. Each city has its own distinct character and attractions, such as the ancient ruins of Persepolis in Shiraz, the stunning mosques and palaces of Isfahan, and the modern architecture of Tehran. By choosing this tour “Jewels of Iran” you will also enjoy delicious food, connect with friendly locals, and explore the beautiful natural landscapes of the region.



  • Exploring the rich history and culture
  • Visiting many UNESCO and national attractions
  • Enough time to observe every thing in depth
  • Staying in standard hotels and enjoying delicious foods


  • 11 Overnight stays with 11 breakfast
  • Fully air-conditioned modern vehicle
  • Qualified guide speaking language of group
  • All entrance fees (mentioned in the itinerary)
  • Visa fees (in the airport) and procurement per person
  • Tips, insurance, drinks with meals, personal expenses
  • International Flights
  • Any extras not mentioned in "included"


Arrival at Shiraz airport. After completing immigration formalities and picking your luggage, you will be transferred to your hotel.

Start your tour at Nasir Al-Molk Mosque, also known as the Pink Mosque, which is known for its stunning stained-glass windows that create a colorful display of light inside. Next, visit Narenjestan-e Ghavaam, a historic house and garden that dates to the Qajar era. The garden features beautiful fountains, orange trees, and other plants. After that, head to Vakil Bazaar, a bustling marketplace with hundreds of stores selling everything from spices to handicrafts. The bazaar also features beautiful courtyards and an ancient caravanserai. Near the bazaar, you can also visit Vakil Mosque, which was built in the 18th century and features beautiful tile work and a large prayer hall. Next, head to Pars Museum, which is in the Nazar Garden complex. The museum features artifacts from the ancient city of Persepolis, as well as other historical items. After that, visit Karim Khan Fortress, a citadel that was built in the 18th century and served as the residence of Karim Khan, the founder of the Zand dynasty. Next, head to Eram Botanic Garden, a beautiful garden that features a variety of plants and flowers, as well as a historic mansion. Finally, visit the Mausoleum of Hafez, the tomb of the famous Persian poet. The mausoleum features beautiful gardens and a peaceful atmosphere.

Start the day early with a visit to Persepolis, the ancient capital of the Achaemenid Empire, located about 50 kilometers from Shiraz. After exploring the ruins, visit the Persepolis Museum to learn more about the history and culture of the site. Next, head to Naqsh-e Rostam, an ancient necropolis located nearby, to see the tombs of several Achaemenid kings. From there, drive to Pasargadae, the first capital of the Achaemenid Empire, to see the tomb of Cyrus the Great and other historic sites. Next, head to the Cypress of Abarkuh, a 4,500-year-old tree located about halfway between Shiraz and Yazd. After a brief stop at the tree, continue driving to Yazd and explore the Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site known for its traditional architecture and winding alleys. Finally, end the day with a visit to Amir Chakhmagh Plaza, a historic square in the heart of Yazd.

Towers of Silence, an ancient Zoroastrian burial site located on the outskirts of Yazd, is the first attraction to see. The towers are circular structures where the bodies of the deceased were left to decompose and be eaten by vultures, according to Zoroastrian tradition. Next, head to Dowlat Abad Garden, a historic Persian garden with a beautiful pavilion and a tall wind tower. The garden is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a great place to relax and enjoy the scenery. After that, head to the Zoroastrian Fire Temple, a sacred temple where a flame has been burning continuously for over 1,500 years. The temple is a great place to learn about the Zoroastrian religion and its history in Iran. From there, explore Yazd Old Town, a maze of narrow alleys and traditional mud-brick buildings that date back to the 14th century. The Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a great place to learn about the history and culture of Yazd. Next, visit the Congregational Mosque, one of the oldest and most important mosques in Yazd. The mosque has a beautiful, blue-tiled entrance and a large courtyard for prayer. Finally, end the day with a visit to Amir Chakhmagh Plaza, a historic square in the heart of Yazd. The plaza has a beautiful mosque, a caravanserai, and several shops and restaurants.

Start the day and drive to Meybod, an ancient city located about 50 kilometers north of Yazd. Visit Narin Castle of Meybod, a historic mud-brick fortress that dates to the Sassanid era. Next, visit the Caravanserai of Meybod, a well-preserved inn that was used by travelers and merchants in the past. From there, visit the Yakhchal (Ice Storage) of Meybod, a unique structure that was used to store ice in the desert. After exploring Meybod, drive to Isfahan and visit Naqsh-e Jahan Plaza, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The plaza is surrounded by a bazaar and several historic shops and buildings.

What Isfahan brings to mind for almost everyone in the world? Yes, a picture of Naqsh-e Jahan Square! Its time to visit Atiq Congregational Mosque, one of the oldest mosques in Isfahan with a beautiful, blue-tiled dome and minaret, and next, head to Naqsh-e Jahan Plaza, a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the largest public squares in the world. The plaza is surrounded by several historic buildings, including the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, the Shah Abbasi Mosque, and the Ali Qapu Palace. After exploring the plaza, visit the Abbasi Hotel (Caravanserai), a historic inn that has been converted into a luxury hotel. The hotel has a beautiful courtyard and several restaurants and shops. From there, walk along Charbagh Boulevard, a historic street lined with trees and fountains. The boulevard leads to Si-o Se Pol Bridge, a historic bridge with 33 arches that spans the Zayandeh Rud River. After crossing the bridge, visit the Khaju Bridge, another historic bridge with beautiful arches and a pavilion in the middle.

Start the day with a visit to Chehel Sotoon Palace, a historic palace with beautiful frescoes and a reflecting pool. Next, head to Vank Cathedral, an Armenian church with beautiful frescoes and a museum of Armenian history and culture. From there, explore Jolfa Neighborhood, a historic district with narrow alleys and traditional houses. After that, have lunch at a local restaurant and try some traditional Persian cuisine. In the afternoon, you will have free time on your own to explore more. You may want to spend more time in Naqsh-e Jahan Plaza enjoying the unique lively atmosphere, or in the historic bazar around the plaza for shopping. Charbagh Boulevard is worth walking for a second time and Si-o Se Pol and Khaju bridges are incredible in the evening.

Drive to Kashan, a historic city located about 200 kilometers north of Isfahan, in the morning. Visit Fin Garden, a UNESCO World Heritage site and a beautiful Persian garden with a historic bathhouse and a pavilion. Next, visit Tabatabaee House, a historic house with beautiful frescoes and traditional Persian architecture. From there, visit Soltan Amir Ahmad Hammam, a historic bathhouse with beautiful tiles and a dome. After that, visit Aqa Bozorg Mosque, a historic mosque with a beautiful courtyard and a reflecting pool. Finally, explore the Grand Bazaar of Kashan, a historic market with traditional handicrafts and souvenirs. Have lunch at a local restaurant and try some traditional Persian cuisine. In the afternoon, drive to Tehran and visit Imam Khomeini Mausoleum, a beautiful shrine and a popular tourist attraction.

The National Museum of Iran is the first attraction of Tehran to see. The museum is separated into Pre-Islam Era and Islamic Era, which showcases artifacts and objects from Iran's pre-Islamic history and culture, and from Iran's Islamic history and culture in two different places. From there, cross Shahr Park, a beautiful park with a lake and a playground to get to the Grand Bazaar of Tehran, a historic market with traditional and modern parts that is Iran’s biggest bazar. Have lunch at a local restaurant and try some traditional Persian cuisine. In the afternoon, visit Golestan Royal Complex, a UNESCO World Heritage site and a historic palace with beautiful architecture and gardens. Finally, end the day with a visit to Nature Bridge, a pedestrian bridge with beautiful views of Tehran's skyline that spans Modarres Highway and connects Water & Fire Park to Taleqani Park.

Your transfer will be arranged to take you to the airport. We hope you have enjoyed your tour of Iran. Thank you for choosing our services, and we hope to see you again soon.


10 Days


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Frequently asked questions

You will start from shiraz and go to, Yazd, Meybod, Isfahan, Kashan and Tehran.

The distance covered in a tour can vary depending on the specific itinerary and the mode of transportation used. The total distance of this tour is approximately 1300km.

Of course! it is possible to arrive in Tehran, and fly to Shiraz after visiting the capital of Iran. the rest of the tour will be the same as the itinerary. One point to consider is that on day 9, you will leave Isfahan, visit Kashan and go directly to IKA airport to fly back home.

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