Kerman is a city located in southeastern Iran and is known for its rich history, culture and beautiful natural attractions. The city has about 750,000 inhabitants. Kerman is famous for traditional crafts such as carpet weaving. The city is surrounded by the Lut Desert, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and Mount Hazar, a stunning mountain that rises to 4,000 meters.

Kerman is home to many important historical sites, including the historic Shahzadeh Mahan Garden, the Kerman Bazaar, and the Ganjali Khan Complex. The city is also known for its natural attractions such as the Lut Desert, the Kaluts and Mount Hazar. Kerman is a city with a hot and dry climate and the best times to visit are from March to May and from September to November.

Kerman is also known for its traditional dishes, such as Kermani pistachios, Qavoot and Kermani dates. Visitors can also visit the carpet weaving workshops to see the process and purchase carpets. Kerman is a city with a rich cultural heritage and is home to several museums, including the Kerman National Museum and the Malek Museum.

If you're planning to visit Kerman, you can make a two-day itinerary that includes visits to the Shahdad Kaluts, the historic Shahzadeh Mahan Garden, Rayen castle, Kerman Market, and the Ganjali Khan Complex. Kerman is a city with rich history, culture and natural attractions and a must-see destination in Iran.

Kerman Traditional Foods, Desserts and Snacks

Kerman is a city with a rich food culture and there are many traditional dishes worth trying. Here are some must-try traditional Kerman dishes.

Bozqorme Abgoosht: a traditional food made of chickpeas, meat, and other spices boiled in water.

Abgousht Bademjan va Kashk: a watery dish made of curd, red meat, pea and eggplant.

Qavoot: a type of dried fruit that is grown in Kerman and is known for its sweet and sour taste.

Kermani Dates: a type of date that is grown in Kerman and is known for its soft texture and sweet taste.

Mirza Ghasemi: a dish made of grilled eggplant, tomato, garlic, and egg.

Qottab: a sweet pastry filled with almond paste, cardamom, and cinnamon.

Kebab: a popular dish made of grilled meat, usually lamb or beef, served with rice, bread, and grilled tomatoes.

Pistachio: the pistachio that is grown in Kerman is globally famous for its unique taste and quality.

Most of these traditional dishes can be found in local restaurants and street food vendors in Kerman. Don't forget to try them when you visit Kerman!

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