Shiraz is a city located in southwestern Iran and known for its rich history, culture and beautiful gardens. Many tourists believe that Shiraz is the most beautiful tourist city in Iran. Shiraz is also one of the largest cities in Iran and is the center of Fars Province. The city is located in the Zagros mountains with a mild climate. Shiraz is known as the city of poets, literature and gardens. The city is surrounded by Mount Derak to the west and the mountains of Bamu, Sabzpushan, Chehelmagham and Baba Koohi to the north.

Shiraz is home to many important historical sites, including the ruins of Persepolis, Pasargadae, and the tombs of Hafez and Saadi. The city is also known for its beautiful gardens, including the Garden of Eram, the Garden of Afif-Abad and the Garden of Delgosha. Shiraz is famous for its handicrafts such as carpets, kilims and pottery. Shiraz is a city with a rich food culture and many traditional dishes worth trying like Kalam Polo, Shirin Polo and Ash-e Reshteh.

Top attractions in Shiraz include Persepolis, Nasir al-Mulk Mosque, Vakil Bazaar, Karim Khan Citadel and Shah Cheragh Temple. Many historical and cultural attractions are located in and around Shiraz. Shiraz is a city with a hot and dry climate, the best times to visit are from March to May and from September to November. The people of Shiraz are friendly and traveling to Shiraz can be one of them. your most memorable trips.

Shiraz Traditional Foods, Desserts and Snacks

Shiraz is a city with a rich culinary culture, and there are many traditional foods to try. Here are some of the must-try traditional foods in Shiraz:

Kalam Polo: a dish made of rice, cabbage, meatballs, and spices.

Do Piazeh Aloo: a dish made of potatoes, onions, and spices.

Havij Polo: a dish made of rice, carrots, and meat.

Ghambar Polo: a dish made of rice, meat, and seven different herbs and vegetables.

Shirazi Polo: a dish made of rice, eggplant, chicken, yogurt, eggs, and cumin.

Ash-e Kaardeh: a soup made of lentils, vegetables, and dried whey.

Ash Sabzi: a soup made of herbs, vegetables, and beans.

These traditional foods can be found in local restaurants and street food vendors in Shiraz. Don't forget to try them during your visit to Shiraz!

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